Swimming in the Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye – 10 Top Tips

Swimming in the Fairy Pools was great fun but be warned, it is freezing (or at least less than 4 degrees C). Skye is beautiful, well worth a trip. Here are our 10 top tips…..

Tip #1 – Get up early
Tip #2 – Park in the car park, not the verge
Tip #3 – Wear appropriate foot wear
Tip #4 – Don’t be a poser
Tip #5 – These hotties are not on tinder
Tip #6 – Be prepared for a climb
Tip #7 – Get warm
Tip #8 – Bring a chittery bite
Tip #9 – Don’t wear jewellery this close to Mordor, the orcs and the eye can see you
Tip #10 – Bring a waterproof

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